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The evolving threat of global terrorism presents ever-changing challenges for governments, businesses, and other organizations, as well as for individuals the world over. 
EDK Consulting, LLC’s global reach, extensive experience and expertise, its ‘can-do’ mind-set enable it to deliver success-geared total solutions to the most vexing political, diplomatic, and security dilemmas.
  EDK Consulting, LLC knows that the human element will always remain central to any comprehensive security solution. Its distinctive approach consequently emphasizes a combination of strategic consulting with unique analytical capabilities and the integration of high-tech products. EDK Consulting, LLC also offers the actual integration and sales of such advanced products into its total solution package.
EDK Consulting, LLC’s aim is to find the right equilibrium for each individual client between the central “People Factor” and the most efficient use of leading technologies.  Its Total Solutions incorporate that balance into a seamless overall success strategy.  

EDK Consulting, LLC tailors its approach to individual client needs and can accommodate the smallest as well as the largest organizations or government agencies. Its aim is to enhance clients’ capabilities through creative, ‘out-of-the-box’ initiatives.

  Dr. Elie D. Krakowski, in Afghanistan 2001

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